about Gina

Gina JulianI started my career in graphic design by accident. While following a pre-med curriculum in college, I lucked into a part-time job as a typesetter for a publishing company. While the pre-med thing didn’t work out, the graphic design clicked and was an instant creative outlet. I decided to make a career path in the design industry and never looked back.

Although typography and print layout has been the bulk of my design career, I am most excited when working with pixels and vectors, as these take me back to my artistic roots. Being able to combine these two methods of design into websites really makes me happy. I am a compulsive tweaker and will tweak type and pixels on a website the exact same way I would on a print piece... until it's perfect.

I am a sponge. I believe I can learn anything I want if I put my mind to it and constantly strive to soak up knowledge on a daily basis. In between projects you can often find me working through online tutorials for design techniques and web coding. I am obsessed with bringing good design practices to the web, just as I did with print media earlier in my career.

Gina Julian 13On a personal note: I am an adrenaline junkie. I love going fast in any direction (so long as I don’t hit anything), and I absolutely love heights. Giving skydiving a try was an obvious choice, but proved to be too cost-prohibitive to maintain a jumping license. Then I started riding motorcycles six years ago and found that it was a great stress-buster. I turned to riding on the racetrack five years ago and have enjoyed the sport and comaraderie of fellow track riders ever since.